Mission and Vision


 "To inspire, and empower the Filipino athlete towards the first Philippine Olympic Gold Medal while creating a culture of hard work and perseverance for the Filipino people”



“The MVP Sports Foundation will be the driving force in the development of world class Filipino sports champions as well as the leading proponent of a culture of winning through sports using the grassroots programs established in its chosen sports.” 



To deliver a wide range of innovative, quality programs that empower the Filipino elite athletes and engage the next generation of sporting heroes through the partner sports associations.


To inspire and raise aspirations enabling continued participation, supporting physical, educational and personal development to create a culture of winning in the country.


To work together to make a positive impact on individuals and the nation to enable people to achieve their goals and progression in life.

“Uplift the level of competitiveness of Filipino athletes and strengthen the unity of the Filipino people.”

 Provide opportunities that empower and engage Filipinos from different walks of life, backgrounds, beliefs, and skill level so that they can have the opportunity to compete for flag and country, and allow their journey serve as an inspiration to others.

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